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Loubieh wa Hummus bi Tahina | Lebanese Green Beans with Hummus (vegan, gf)

Green Beans and Hummus on Chelrabbit.com (gf, vegan)

The basis for Lebanese food is fresh vegetables, olive oil, garlic, lemon and fresh herbs and spices. Rich, savory, and tangy flavors and an eye toward contrasting textures are also fundamental. Yes. It’s a vegan dream. Like many cultures, the preparing and sharing food is an act of friendship and love. If you share a meal with a stranger, that person becomes your friend. It’s an easy language to learn. I’ve never felt more welcome in a country where I didn’t speak the language, and to do this day, Lebanese is my “comfort food”: creamy fattoush with sumac and crunchy pita, maqluba, chopped salad, balila (cumin chickpeas)…

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Tahini & Brown Sugar Spirals (vegan)

Tahini Brown Sugar Spirals @ chelrabbit.com

A big chunk of the world has a love affair with tahini we are missing out on. Not just in hummus. Tahini itself.

While it’s more common for us to think of tahini as an addition to savory foods – hummus or baba ganouj – it’s also the main compenent of halva (or halwa), a crumbly, sweet dessert made of tahini and often other additions like pistachios, coffee or chocolate. Some people mix it with butter for a creamier texture – and that’s exactly what these rolls remind me of.

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