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Moroccan-Spiced Roasted Carrots (vegan, gluten-free)

 Moroccan-spiced Roasted Carrots @ chelrabbit.com

There is a lot of snacking that goes on in this house during the day. I said that in a passive way but really I mean that I, myself, me – I snack all day.  I try to save dinner leftovers for next-day lunches but sometimes we just eat a lot. Food tastes good, yo. I could make my own lunch because I’m home most weekdays, but for all I love cooking, making breakfast, dinner, and blog-whatever is enough for me. Also, I double as the dishwasher so I try to be green and save energy (; 

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Romanesco Round-up: How to cook Romanesco


So you found some Romanesco at the farmer’s market this weekend, didn’t you… You just couldn’t resist those Fibonacci spirals and that fluorescent lime-green color. But what do you do with it?

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Rosemary Balsamic Roasted Grape Sandwiches with Almond Pâté (vegan)

vegan, gluten-free with gf bread


This is another summer meets fall recipe. September is the beginning of the harvest season for almonds, and there are a plethora of grape varieties available at the farmer’s markets and in Berkeley Bowl (my fave grocery for veggies). I’m taking the opportunity to eat my fill of Concords, but any grape will work here, so pick your favorite. 

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