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Sautéed Romanesco with Toasted Walnuts (vegan, gf)


When my favorite vegetables are in season, I try to get sick of them. I don’t want to crave peaches in the middle of winter when there are none to be found (I guess I didn’t eat enough last summer).

 I’m working on my Romanesco fix, but even with this Romanesco series I’m doing, I’m just enjoying all the different ways to cook it and I’m getting more excited about all the ways I want to try it. Hopefully the season hangs in a bit longer until fresh beans or rhubarb come into season!

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Toast with Quick-pickled Kale and Sweet Tahini Spread (vegan, gluten-free, raw)

quick-pickled kale with sweet tahini sauce on toast

I know. Kale. But listen, there’s a reason there’s a cult of love around this green leafy. It’s earthy, herby, almost peppery and stands up well to all types of cooking – and, ya know, it’s good for you. With this cold weather, the sometimes bitter undertones will have sweetened right up  - kale is best after a frost. Even my three-year-old cousin Brenna loves this veggie (she eats it raw from the stem, so buck up, people).

My final argument: at least it’s not a kale salad. Although I’m not crossing things out.

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