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Travel Photos: Japan in Black & White

Japan in black and white

This is the second post of Japan photos; the other set can be found here. I mainly split these up because there were so many that I wanted to post and I didn’t want to overwhelm you with a bajillion pictures. So here are the black and white shots I took from the trip; most of them are from the Hase-dera Shrine in Kamakura.

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Travel Photos: Japan in color


Well, hello. I just got back from a trip to visit my brother and sister-in-law in Yokohama, Japan. My brother flies helicopters for the Navy and is currently stationed at the Atsugi Naval Base. 

I got a fancy new camera from my dad for the trip and took lots of photos, and thought I’d share them in lieu of all those recipe posts for the past few weeks! There is this post plus a post for the black and white shots coming up. You can also check out my Instagram photos as well (@chelrabbit).

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Christmas Cookies: Chocolate Jumbles (vegan)


It’s not often that you come upon truly local foods. Sure, there is the black and white cookie (we non-city New Yorkers call them half-moons) or Chicago-style pizza, but you can get those pretty much anywhere in the US.  

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Two for Tuesday

Welcome to the first Two for Tuesday post! Every Tuesday I will feature two favorite photos from the previous week.

Of course, as a possible portent for succeeding Tuesdays, both of these are of puppies. NJ and I spent the weekend with my little sister Tiegen and her boyfriend Brad up in the Mount Shasta-Trinity National Forest. It was a great campsite with a river walk/hike with three waterfalls. It was also free, cheers to that. 


We enjoyed two good hikes, the weirdness of the nearby town of McCloud, and views of Mount Shasta, but best of all: insane puppy rompings. T and Brad just got Resi (REE-si), a panda-lookalike who is the essence of sweetness. resi_mccloud

Somehow she got the nickname “devil dog” but I will generously assume it is a reference to the sweet fluffy pastry. I mean, look at that face.

Camping at Ocean Cove


Last weekend we went up for an impromptu camping trip with some camping newbies, and they will forever be spoiled. We camped in a little hollow on top of the cliffs which looked out on the Pacific, with a bit of privacy, and some decent weather.


We drove up from Oakland on the 101 and then cut over on farm roads through dry, brown cattle fields over to Route 1, which follows a greener but foggy coastline. We stopped for breakfast in Jenner, a town just near where the Russian River runs into the ocean. We stopped through on the way home, too, and saw tons of people were tubing, kayaking, and walking on the beach, and there were more seals (and sharks, I’m sure) than I’ve ever seen together fishing in the calmer waters where the mouth of the river spreads out and meets the Pacific. 


At our campsite at Ocean Cove, we set up camp, played cards, and went on a windy walk along the cliffs looking down over the sea. I was glad to have brought my puffy winter jacket because of the wind (I have always had California blood), but it was quiet at night and we even managed to get another sunny walk in the morning before the fog rolled in. 

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Preserved Lemons (vegan, gluten-free, raw)

gluten-free, vegan, raw


I recently moved to Oakland from a damp, grey Edinburgh, Scotland, and before that, a New York that alternated between bitter cold and an oppressive mugginess. Living in Oakland is like the discovery of what is “just right” in the tale of the three bears – but not only because of it’s mild, sunny weather and cool nights: also in terms of produce. It has the wild blackberries of Scotland that grow from mid-summer to late fall, the local farmer’s produce of New York, but also a wide variety and year-long growing season. And of course, everything is much fresher. Just to be fair, however, the west coast has nothing on New York apples.

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