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Early Morning Carrot Quickbread (vegan)


 This is my winter version of zucchini bread: carrot bread. It’s a healthier version of a quick bread – it uses mashed carrots for moisture and only a bit of oil, and lots of grated carrots on top of that. Orange zest and fresh grated ginger brighten it up and there’s lots of my favorite (and hopefully your favorite) spices in there, too: cardamom, clove, and cinnamon. Plus coconut – a great texture for the topping. It makes it look kinda like a carrot snowball (the dessert… not a real carrot snowball). 

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Sautéed Romanesco with Toasted Walnuts (vegan, gf)


When my favorite vegetables are in season, I try to get sick of them. I don’t want to crave peaches in the middle of winter when there are none to be found (I guess I didn’t eat enough last summer).

 I’m working on my Romanesco fix, but even with this Romanesco series I’m doing, I’m just enjoying all the different ways to cook it and I’m getting more excited about all the ways I want to try it. Hopefully the season hangs in a bit longer until fresh beans or rhubarb come into season!

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Whole-Roasted Romanesco with Spicy Mint Sauce (vegan, gf)


Well, this is probably one of my favorites. Romanesco is roasted intact with a thick, spicy mint-cilantro chutney and served in slices. The mint chutney crust layered atop the lime-green Romanesco makes for a vivid presentation. It’s a great meal for a dinner party – you can make the sauce ahead and marinate the romanesco in it up to a day ahead. Or you can blend up the sauce right away and stick it in the oven for the fanciest lunch ever, like I did.

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Pumpkin Cider Biscuits with Cornmeal (vegan)

apple-cider-pumpkin-drop-biscuits-with-cornmealRecipe Card

These drop biscuits are a great addition to your Thanksgiving meal – sweet, nutty, and hearty. They have a crispy exterior from the cornmeal and are light and fluffy on the inside. They are also quick to put together and utterly unfussy

 Do you really need biscuits on Thanksgiving, even with mashed potatoes and stuffing? Yep. Especially when they bring some more fall flavors to your table.

Regardless – they’d be great for a simple, quick, and healthy Thanksgiving breakfast to fuel up for a full day of cooking and eating: spread with a bit of butter and cranberry sauce or even a side of tofu scramble and you have an excellent breakfast. 

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Cauliflower Soup with Shallots and Pine Nuts (vegan & gluten-free)


 I’m sure my cousin Lea doesn’t ever remember making this soup for me. She’s that kind of cook (scratch that, she’s a real live chef) – one who makes an amazing soup out of nowhere, and then forgets about it, because it comes so easily to her. Of course, her daughter Liv has a discerning palate, too. She’s the kind of kid who would like oyster mushrooms and caramelized onions in her omelette, please. A Tyke Gourmet kind of kid.

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Healthy Halloween Trick–er, Treat: GREEN SLIME Popcorn

vegan, gluten-freewasabi coconut popcorn

Happy Halloween! I hope no one tries to pawn off those crunchy dry popcorn balls on you this year. So lame. Maybe you will be lucky and get this delicious wasabi-coconut popcorn instead. If not, make it yourself and curl up on the couch with a halloween horror flick. Or if you are more like me (i.e., scared of the dark), a kid’s halloween movie.

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Almond Muesli (vegan, gluten-free, raw)

vegan, gluten-free, rawtriangle muesli

This muesli is packed with slivered almonds and lots of dried fruit, just the way I like it. Of course, there are a million ways to adapt this recipe, so play with the proportions and see what you like

Muesli is like a healthier version of granola – all the bits and pieces I love about granola, without the canola oil and sugar. You can even get more of the crunch and intense nuttiness of granola by toasting the ingredients before mixing them together. And it is the original health food, right? Physician Maximilian Bircher-Benner developed a very distant precursor to today’s muesli for his patients (it looked more like recipes for overnight oats than Kellogg’s boxed cereal version). He was the original raw and vegan foodie, suggesting that a diet of raw fruits and veg and a good amount of exercise was essential to people’s health. Thumbs up, Max BB. 

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Mango Sticky Rice Ice Pops (vegan, gluten-free, raw)

gluten-free, vegan, raw

Mango sticky rice ice pops

The first time I had mango sticky rice was when I lived in Rochester, NY. There was an old dump of a Chinese place on South Ave that everyone raved about. I made it there twice, and what I remember about it was the mango sticky rice (ironic, since it’s a classic Thai dessert). I remember walking home on South, carefully dividing the dessert into “now” and “later” so that I could savor it: the unusual taste of cardamom (now one of my favorite spices), the sweetness of the white sticky rice in contrast to the silky, musky sweetness of the mango, and of course, the creamy texture. It’s almost an overwhelming dessert, especially compared to the single-note sugariness of a bowl of ice cream or a cookie.

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