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Two for Tuesday

Welcome to the first Two for Tuesday post! Every Tuesday I will feature two favorite photos from the previous week.

Of course, as a possible portent for succeeding Tuesdays, both of these are of puppies. NJ and I spent the weekend with my little sister Tiegen and her boyfriend Brad up in the Mount Shasta-Trinity National Forest. It was a great campsite with a river walk/hike with three waterfalls. It was also free, cheers to that. 


We enjoyed two good hikes, the weirdness of the nearby town of McCloud, and views of Mount Shasta, but best of all: insane puppy rompings. T and Brad just got Resi (REE-si), a panda-lookalike who is the essence of sweetness. resi_mccloud

Somehow she got the nickname “devil dog” but I will generously assume it is a reference to the sweet fluffy pastry. I mean, look at that face.