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Travel Photos: Japan in Black & White

Japan in black and white

This is the second post of Japan photos; the other set can be found here. I mainly split these up because there were so many that I wanted to post and I didn’t want to overwhelm you with a bajillion pictures. So here are the black and white shots I took from the trip; most of them are from the Hase-dera Shrine in Kamakura.

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Travel Photos: Japan in color


Well, hello. I just got back from a trip to visit my brother and sister-in-law in Yokohama, Japan. My brother flies helicopters for the Navy and is currently stationed at the Atsugi Naval Base. 

I got a fancy new camera from my dad for the trip and took lots of photos, and thought I’d share them in lieu of all those recipe posts for the past few weeks! There is this post plus a post for the black and white shots coming up. You can also check out my Instagram photos as well (@chelrabbit).

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2+ for Tuesday: Vacation in Oregon




Well, hello! 

I took a vacation from blogging last week to spend time with my family. My mom and dad flew into SF and we drove up to meet my sister in Ashland, OR. She brought Resi and I brought Harriet and they had the most fun. It reminded me of meeting with all the cousins at Christmas and how much fun we had – except now the cousins are Resi and Harriet and they bite each other for fun. And I’m pretty sure they smell worse than we did.

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Two for Tuesday: Neighborhood Walks

One of the best parts of having a dog (not counting the mutual love part) is that you have an excuse to take walks. Usually walks are the best when you don’t want to go on them in the first place. 

Harry is the star of the neighborhood, so taking her out is a bit like going on a walk with a celebrity. You feel special basking in her popularity. 

These are some of the things we saw on one of our walks this week: a grumpy old neighbor getting the mail and the last bit of fallen leaves, brown and crunchy and soon to be soaked in winter rain.

grumpy cat neighbor

last bits of fall leaves

(More than) Two for Tuesday

We took a walk on Saturday up a few old paths in Berkeley. Nate used to live on the top of Panoramic Way and take a pedestrian route up the hill, all staircases and dirt paths, every day. It’s one of my favorite places this side of the Mississip. Here’s a couple pictures of the greens and colors, and one of Harriet (of course). 

green-spaces flower-on-fire-trail ring-on-fire-trail green-fire-trail


Two for Tuesday: Berkeley Fire Trail


A lot of weekend plans for NJ and Harriet and me involve getting up early and getting out for a hike. We usually get up much earlier than we do during the week – and why not, we’ve got things we want to do. 

My cousin Jen was visiting for the weekend, looking at UC Berkeley for a post doc. We did kind of a crummy job of selling the Bay Area to her but did manage to get up somewhat at an early hour on Saturday for to a favorite walk on Berkeley’s Strawberry Canyon fire trail. I didn’t feed her much and then rushed her out the door. We were also out of coffee. It was kind of cruel. She was a great sport about it though :). She was saying she’d like to run the loop (seven miles I think, but I’m not gonna do it, ha) so I guess she really will have to come and live here. And we ended up having to driving through Tilden Regional Park behind the lab thanks to the Cal game, up and around with a great view of Oakland, Berkeley, across the Bay to a bit of the city that poked through the fog.  


Harriet had a great time, as usual. She gets this crazy puppy gallop going and then starts sprinting back and forth. I caught her wagging her tail in her sleep earlier today – thumping the floor, I thought someone was knocking – she’s just such a cheerful pup.

Maybe someday I will post 242 (two for tuesday ;) ) pics that don’t involve Harriet. 

Two for Tuesday: Whale Watching near the Farallons

NJ and I were lucky enough to go on a boat ride out to see some whales a few weeks ago thanks to his parents Craig and Judy.

Fortunately SF weather cooperated and lent us bright blue skies for the day. It was a bit choppy on the way out – normal stuff, but I brought my ginger chews cuz I was worried about getting sick. My advice is, don’t worry about getting seasick and you won’t get seasick. Now try not worrying about it. Sorry. 


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Two for Tuesday

Welcome to the first Two for Tuesday post! Every Tuesday I will feature two favorite photos from the previous week.

Of course, as a possible portent for succeeding Tuesdays, both of these are of puppies. NJ and I spent the weekend with my little sister Tiegen and her boyfriend Brad up in the Mount Shasta-Trinity National Forest. It was a great campsite with a river walk/hike with three waterfalls. It was also free, cheers to that. 


We enjoyed two good hikes, the weirdness of the nearby town of McCloud, and views of Mount Shasta, but best of all: insane puppy rompings. T and Brad just got Resi (REE-si), a panda-lookalike who is the essence of sweetness. resi_mccloud

Somehow she got the nickname “devil dog” but I will generously assume it is a reference to the sweet fluffy pastry. I mean, look at that face.