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DIY: How to make a triangular card and envelope

I always try to write thank-you notes (sometimes it takes a while). For thank-you’s for my birthday, I wanted to make all animal cards – cards with drawings of animals trying to stuff themselves inside the front like it was in a box and they didn’t quite fit – but I only got one done (a crane, with his neck all sideways and bent around the rectangle) and that was enough for me.

So for a few more I made triangle-shaped cards and envelopes. These are fun to make but most fun to address, since you can start out big and end up small and have the letters all over the place. Perfect if you like ‘messy’ calligraphy. I’m thinking Arabic-style calligraphy – have you ever seen that? Google Image search it and you will owe me a thank-you card.

But I’m no good at that, so I thought I would show you how to make a triangle shaped card and envelope set. Good luck mailing them, though ($$$).

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DIY: Reworking a Pull-Out Cutting Board


Our kitchen at Little Bit is tiny for sure. A little bit of a kitchen for a little bit of an apartment (although the lack of space isn’t so horrible as the paint job: a dark orange covered two of its walls and all its cabinets until just a week ago). 

To increase counter space, we have been using the pull-out cutting board in front of our dish-drying rack as another counter. Well, this is also because it was super gross – it is made out of a very old, very worn chunk of plywood that was not washable. 

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DIY: Braided Dog Toy

 This is Harriet looking full glorious on our camping trip a few weeks ago:


She is the best dog. I know lots of dogs are “the best dog” but I’m serious here. She is the best dog ever.

Harriet’s favorite things to do are play frisbee, get her butt scratched, and do tricks for chunks of sweet potato. She also loves loves loves to shake stuff like she’s killing it. It’s for-realz cute. This braided dog toy DIY is perfect for that, and Harriet has had a couple of really rough weeks: she got sprayed by a skunk and had to take about six baths, and now she has fleas, which means more baths. So Sadfacepup deserves a new toy for shakin’. 

But dogs deserve new toys anytime. You should make this for your pup – or your friend’s or neighbor’s — or if you want crazy bonus points, make a bunch and drop them off at a shelter.

New dog toys are especially useful when your dog spends a lot of time alone. The same old toys get boring – but nobody wants to spend $10 for a wimpy cotton-stuffed bear at a pet store that won’t last a week. This braided rope is cheap, durable, and recycled. Another good idea is to rotate the toys you do have – bring out a new one every couple of days and put another one away to keep things interesting. 

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